Why the Name DONNERAMA?

The DONNER portion of the site name is pretty simple.  It is from my last name.  Often associated with one of Santa’s reindeer or some members of the Donner Party who had a keen sense of self-preservation.  The party got trapped in a snow storm when trying to make it to California through the Sierra Nevada mountain pass now named after them and some resorted to cannibalism in order to survive until they were rescued.




The US Navy also had a a Casa Grand e-class dock landing ship named the USS Donner (LSD-20) which is most famous for recovering the Mercury-Redstone 2 spacecraft on 31 January 1961 which contained the  chimpanzee astronaut Ham.

The RAMA portion of the site name originates from the word panorama indicating a wide angled spectacular scene.  It was extended to diorama, cyclorama and later it came to signify any long, expensive entertainment spectacular. It’s popularity increased after GE unveiled the

Pavilion “Futurama” at the 1939 World’s Fair. In the 50’s and 60’s it was applied to many a business that claimed a wide variety of services or products.  It has mostly believed to be dated but judging by Howie Green’s O-Rama Collection, many still use it.

This site, DONNERAMA will attempt to reflect the adventuresome spirit of the Donner namesakes as I explore the panorama of ideas, hobbies and interests that my curious mind discovers, researches and experiences.  I have spent lots of time trying out methods of cutting the cable yet still getting a satisfying entertainment experience.  I will discuss kegerators, golf, the Amazon Echo, bocce, knives and shooting sports, especially handguns and IPSC.  My interests are boundless and I will attempt to pass on the wonders of discovery to those who visit or subscribe.

Thank you for your interest.


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