Amazon Echo Dot

Although I loved my Amazon Echo Plus for controlling my lights in the living room and hallway, the lights in my back bedroom (called the gun room as that is where I do all my reloading and store my gun safes) proved to be a bit challenging.  When in the room, the Echo plus in the living room had a hard time hearing my commands unless shouted out quite loud.  So with a bit of investigation, I determined that adding an Echo Dot to my setup could solve the problem.  The Dot was on sale for $29.99 US from (currently $49.99) so placed the order and waited for it to arrive.  Two days later it showed up at the post office and brought it home for installation.

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I Like My Amazon Echo Plus!

This past Christmas, I took advantage of the sales Amazon was having on their Echo devices and purchased an Echo Plus which came paired with a Philips Hue LED light bulb.  I chose the Echo plus over the standard Echo as the plus comes with a built-in hub that can connect to ZigBee enabled devices without having to purchase a separate hub.  The Philips Hue lightbulbs and other items that support the ZigBee standard.

First impressions were great.  It came in a beautiful silver finish and has a good solid heft to it.  Just feels very well made.  Installation was a snap.  Plugged it in, installed the app on my phone and followed the simple instructions to connect it to my network hub and my Amazon account.  I was immediately able to start speaking with my new assistant, Alexa.

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