Six Port USB Charger

We have started to get a good number of devices lately that need to be charged using a USB connector.  Two phones, a tablet, two fitbits, a portable clock, portable bluetooth speaker, a battery backup and a few others that I am sure am forgetting.  With not enough outlets and in some cases, proprietary connectors I needed a solution to help me charge a number of devices at the same time.  The AUKEY 60W USB Charger with 6-Port USB Charging Station seemed to fit the bill nicely.  And at the price I paid of $34.99 Cdn it was, what I considered, a good deal.  It has two quick charge 3.0 ports for the devices that support it and an additional four ports.  It can charge all 6 devices at full speed.  It also has built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging.  I have used all ports simultaneously and am very pleased with how it performs.

Currently working on a method to use it without having an Octopus on my desk.  The price has increased since I purchased it but I think still a deal although could use camelcamelcamel to notify you of a price drop.

Also had to kick it up a notch so purchased a couple of light-up usb cables that look pretty cool.  Lights move along the cables giving the appearance of the charge going to the devices and the extra long connectors slide nicely into my devices.

2 thoughts on “Six Port USB Charger”

  1. I use a little velcro to keep my charging ends where I want them. If you have it on a desk drop the cables in behind with a weight for auto retraction then velcro the unused ends down to a common area.

    1. That sounds like a great idea. I was thinking of mounting a holder similar to this on the side of my reloading bench with the cables feeding out through a hole from one of the cupboards. Weight for retraction would definitely work.

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