Amazon Echo Dot

Although I loved my Amazon Echo Plus for controlling my lights in the living room and hallway, the lights in my back bedroom (called the gun room as that is where I do all my reloading and store my gun safes) proved to be a bit challenging.  When in the room, the Echo plus in the living room had a hard time hearing my commands unless shouted out quite loud.  So with a bit of investigation, I determined that adding an Echo Dot to my setup could solve the problem.  The Dot was on sale for $29.99 US from (currently $49.99) so placed the order and waited for it to arrive.  Two days later it showed up at the post office and brought it home for installation.

Installation was a snap once again with the Alexa App.   Used it to search for devices and once found, connected it to my network.  Once up and running, it worked like a charm.  I was immediately able to control the gun room lights from the back room and in fact could control any of the devices.  Even when in the hallway, the Echo devices use spatial recognition to determine which device was closer and that was the one that responded.  It does need an external speaker connected to it either by Bluetooth or 3.5 mm stereo cable.  I had recently purchase a  ZENBRE Z3 10W Portable Wireless Speaker from  That allowed me to play music from the Dot while I was reloading back there.  Once again a great experience from Amazon.

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